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B & K Farms

Because you deserve to eat fresh!

Explore Our Blueberry Varieties

Here is where you can preview the full B & K Farms variety portfolio, including variety information such as berry characteristics, primary usage, licensing information & more.


Know About 

B & K Farms

Since 2003, we are grower, packer, and distributor of farm fresh blueberries for consumers throughout Canada, United States of America and India. Although the company dates back to the 90’s, the family history of farming dates to over 100 years ago.

Our Food Safety Program


B & K Farms is fully committed to food safety programs and will follow all guidelines set out by certification bodies. B & K Farms has a HACCP training plan in place in conducts mock recalls a minimum once a year.


Good Agriculture Practices Canada GAP is a program developed in Canada to promote GAP's for fruit industry.


B & K Farms adheres to local and federal laws applicable to the growing region as well as country specific import and export regulations for the use of pesticides.


Most water used for irrigation is sourced from deep wells or municipal sources. Microbial levels in irrigation water are monitored at every farm and facility level to ensure that the water quality is suitable for its intended use.

Eat Well. Feel Good.


With berries that burst with this much sweet flavor, it’s easy to include more good-for-you fresh produce in your family´s diet.


Both adults and kids love fresh berries and they’re a perfect pick for serving in quick and easy recipes, or as on-the-go snacks.

Trusted Roots assurance, it’s our commitment to quality.

B & K Farms strive to offer exceptional quality as demonstrated in our products and service. All nursery stock comes with our Trusted Roots assurance that all of our plants are true to type, hand graded, originated from tissue culture derived from foundation stock and raised with the most advanced protocols for disease screening and prevention. As blueberry growers, we offer you the same high standards that we expect on our own farms. We take your satisfaction seriously and do everything that we can to provide plants that will be a superior foundation to a successful program.


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